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PFT 28 day ReBoot
Start your journey with a 28-Day Reboot at your chosen location. Give yourself 28 days to establish new habits and start seeing the transformation!

Your Reboot includes:

28 Days of Unlimited Training
Personalized coaching
Initial scan with the Fit3D Body Scanner
Access to the PFT 2.0 Macro-Nutrient Tracking Plan
Membership in the PFT Family
Experience the 28-Day Reboot for only $99. At the end of your Reboot, you'll automatically transition to our 6-month membership package unless you cancel your account in writing at least 10 days before renewal date. The 6-month membership is $120 each month, billed monthly on renewal date.
$120.00 Monthly by Billing, open ended
01/17/2019 03:26PM
01/17/2019 03:26PM

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